Worship Services
9:30 am & 11 am

**SUNDAY, SEPT 27 – Those with last names beginning with the letters A-M are invited to attend the 10:30am service this week**

Reopening Protocols

**As of Sunday, September 13 we have resumed limited in-person worship on Sunday mornings with one service of Holy Communion each week at 10:30am.    

Current Provincial rules limit our attendance to 30% of our normal capacity, or 50 people, whichever is greater. In our case this works out to approximately 40 seats.

Given this restriction we have decided that the best course of action will be to split the parish into two groups based on last name so as to reduce the chance of us going over the limit and having to turn people away at the door.

Parishioners with last names beginning with the letters A to M will be invited to attend one week while those with last names starting with N to Z will be invited the following week.

**Please see the top of this Updates page for the group invited to attend this week’s service**

We will continue to rotate our Sunday services in this manner so that people will be able to attend once every two weeks.

Please note that members of the same household are allowed to sit together so if you have a situation in which people in your household have different last names don’t worry, you can still attend together on the same week.

Due to the need for those attending to check in upon arrival, we are also asking those attending service to try and arrive early if possible.

The Diocese has created a video explaining the new protocols and changes which can be viewed by clicking on the following link:  Reopening for Public Worship in the Diocese of Toronto.

Please note that no one should feel pressured to return to church at this time if you are not comfortable in doing so. If you are not comfortable returning, or are unable to, you can still worship with us through our pre-recorded service videos on our YouTube channel each week.

Online Worship Resources – Sept. 27

St. Michael & All Angels

Worship with us online this Sunday September 27th as we celebrate the Feast of St. Michael & All Angels!

View or download the bulletin for the service here:

Then tune in to watch our online worship services at 11am on Sunday or at a later time convenient to you by visiting our St. Hugh & St. Edmund YouTube channel.


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